Sintra is nestled in Serra de Sintra, a granite mountain range about ten kilometers long rising between the northern plains and the Tagrus River to the south. Sintra retains its medieval layout of small winding streets with steep steps and arcades. It is one of the oldest cities of Portugal . Evidence of its diverse past can be found throughout the region. In its main square is the Sintra National Palace which, prior to the Crusaders conquest in 1147, was a summer palace to Moorish sultans. Once the favorite retreat of Portuguese royalty, Sintra is filled with multi-colored villas clad in ceramic tile. 

My work has always reflected an interest in how color affects our response to place. In prior subjects, including Movie Theater Interiors and Store Fronts, my intent with color application always seemed resolved. Yet, in Sintra there was something new for me. Certainly there was a clear application of color with the chromogenic quintas and palaces I found there. What intrigued me most, however, was how color had evolved through time. The native color seemed to have transposed in a fashion outside of its designed application, with every surface displaying a patina evident of the progression of its history. The visual result, presented in these images, manifests itself through the sense that I was capturing a truly natural landscape.