With a mission to achieve client goals through collaborative effort, here is an outline of how I approach a photographic project.

Architectural views are captured on 4x5 film with a perspective control view camera. Film is converted to a digital file and managed in Photoshop. Final images are burned to a CD, in appropriate format, and accompanied by an 8x10 print for reference. Clients have the option of managing image reproduction in-house or placing orders through Russell Phillips Photography. Generally, jobs are finished and delivered by Fed Ex within seven days of the shoot.

When possible, a location preview is conducted to insure that client desires are reflected in the images. This initial walk through also serves to better resolve photographic issues particular to a given location. It is important to relate to all parties involved the nature of photographic activity that will take place. An interior shoot can be disruptive to a regular schedule; careful attention is taken to return the location to its original state.

Please contact me with any additional questions regarding your photographic needs.